The Board supports the rights of staff members to have reasonable access to various information formats and believes it is incumbent upon staff members to use these privileges in an appropriate and responsible manner.

The Board expects that all employees will learn to use administrative software, email, and telecommunications tools and apply them daily in appropriate ways to the performance of tasks associated with their positions and assignments: Staff and volunteers are expected to use electronic resources in a professional manner.

Procedures & Guidelines

Edmonson County Public Schools will offer staff members the privilege to access the Internet. This privilege can be revoked due to violations of the Acceptable Use Policy. The following guidelines shall apply to the use of technology resources by staff users within Edmonson County School District.

Agreement Form for Staff

A written agreement shall be required prior to the staff members being granted independent access to the district network. The staff member must sign the required agreement form, which shall specify acceptable uses, rules of on-line behavior, access privileges and penalties for police/procedural violations. This document shall be kept on file as a legal, binding document.


The District Technology Staff has the right to access information stored in any user directory, on the current user screen, on the local computer, or in email. Network management and monitoring software packages will be used for random access to review staff technology usage for progress and security purposes. Non-confidential portions of teacher and staff level email are subject to freedom of information laws and are not considered private documents. Any information about students will be confidential and will not be subject to freedom of information laws.

Personal Websites

The district will provide each staff member with a personal website and the resources to develop and use it. It is imperative that users be aware of the risk of placing personal information on these sites. The content of staff sites is still subject to the rules set in this policy and therefore should not contain objectionable material or copyrighted works. Staff sites will be removed following the staff member’s departure from the district.

Staff Email

Staff members will be granted a personal email account for school and educational use. This account can be removed if it is being used for violations of the Acceptable Use Policy. The email in this account will be deleted and the account removed following the staff member’s departure from the district.

Access to the Edmonson County School Network

Terms and Conditions

Acceptable Use – Use of organization’s networks or computing resources must comply with rules appropriate for the network. Transmission of any material in violation of any U.S. or state regulation is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to: copyrighted material, threatening or obscene material, or material protected by trade secret. Use of product advertisement or political lobbying is not consistent with the purposes of the network and is inappropriate. Illegal activities are strictly prohibited. The district network is for educational use.All other uses are secondary to that purpose.

Rights, Responsibilities, and Privileges – This document must be signed by all staff in order to use the network. It is designed to enable all users to understand their responsibilities as users of the district network. If you have any questions about these responsibilities, please contact your school’s lab manager or the District Technology Staff.

Unacceptable Use – The following actions could result in the loss of network access.

  • Giving your password to anyone.
  • Using electronic resources to establish or access email accounts through third party providers or any other non-district email system.
  • Using or altering anyone else’s account. Trespassing in others’ folders, work or files.
  • Breaking into or attempting to break into any computer network.
  • Creating or sharing computer viruses.
  • Vandalizing programs, data, computers, computer systems or computer networks.
  • Harassing, insulting or threatening others on the network or Internet.
  • Running large programs and applications over the network during the day
  • Sending massive amounts of mail to other users
  • Forwarding of junk, joke or chain email
  • Using the network to acquire any copyrighted material (including software or music).
  • Conducting illegal activities via the network.
  • Using your network account to play games.
  • Using obscene language
  • Accessing sexually explicit or other objectionable material.
  • Installing and using Chat Programs
  • Excessive use of the school network for non-educational purposes
  • Use of on-line community sites (i.e. Myspace, Livejournal, Facebook)
  • Accessing websites promoting or advocating illegal activities.
  • Downloading of non-educational videos.
  • Use of on-line proxy sites.
  • Using the district network for the purposes of cheating

Violation of any of the above mentioned rules and responsibilities may result in

  • A loss of privileges to use electronic resources
  • Disciplinary action at the building or district level, including but not limited to employment termination.
  • Notification of law enforcement.
    Acceptable Use Policy Agreement Form

As a user of the Edmonson County Public Schools network, I hereby agree to comply with the school district Acceptable Use Policy and to communicate over the network in a responsible manner while abiding by all relevant laws, and restrictions.


I hereby acknowledge that my job requires professional use of email, the Internet and district programs and therefore I must take the time to learn to correctly and professionally use these resources to perform my duties.

Staff Signature ________________________________Date______________