Welcome to Edmonson County Schools


Welcome to Edmonson County Schools. Feel free to use the nav bar at the top of the page to visit our individual schools pages. Along the left edge you will notice links to several different pages for your convenience. Individuals wishing to apply for positions within the district can print certified and classified applications from the district forms link located on the left.

School Employees and Students

For those of you that are inside the school system you will notice that there are several links on the left to help you as well. Our network users have access to their own personal webpage. Those pages can be found by following the User Homepages link. You can also find the link to the school email system there.


You will find links to the School Report Cards and the District Calendar. These links can be a valuable resource for finding information about the happenings in our schools. You can also find information about the SBDM Councils at each school.

Edmonson County School Board Office
100 Wildcat Way, PO Box 129
Brownsville, KY 42210
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