ReadingDistinguished: 27%Proficient: 31%Distinguished: 19%Proficient: 31%Distinguished: 14%Proficient: 34%
MathDistinguished: 14%Proficient: 40%Distinguished: 9%Proficient: 32%Distinguished: 7%Proficient: 26%
Edmonson County Schools Report Card

Professional Development Forms

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In-District PD

Use this form to request approval of PD hours obtained within our district (at Edmonson County schools, central office, virtual, etc.)


Use this form to request to attend a training held at GRREC.  This form needs to be submitted and approved by your principal PRIOR to your attendance.

Out-of-District PD (Other than GRREC)

Use this form to request attendance at a training for any PD that is offered outside of our district or GRREC (WKU, Galt House, etc.) This form must be submitted and approved by your school’s SBDM Council and the Board of Education PRIOR¬†to your attendance!